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TransforMED's experts help minimize the risks and mitigate the unknowns of practice transformation by sharing practical knowledge of what works and what doesn't — pivotal strategies, stumbling blocks, common pitfalls, missed opportunities, etc.— knowledge that is hard won from all aspects of their years of experience facilitating practice transformation.

Our Medical Home Facilitation services are designed to accommodate a variety of financial and time-commitment requirements because it's our mission to reach out to as many primary care practices as possible to help transform and unite how primary care is delivered across the nation. Which approach is right for your practice depends on your practice's needs.

New evidence that facilitation improves practice transformation to new models of care

The Robert Graham Center has released a short report entitled "The Effect of Facilitation in Fostering Practice" by Carlos Roberto Jaén MD PhD, et al. The report summarizes the researchers' findings that "Working with facilitation agents measurably improves the ability of motivated primary care practices to move towards improved models of care."

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Full Transformation - Find out more »
Full Transformation is a complete commitment to becoming a Patient-Centered Medical Home. With the guidance of a Centers of Excellence Consultant and a Project Manager, your practice will engage every area of the The TransforMED Patient-Centered Model. Your PEF will visit your practice and perform a Baseline Practice Assessment to ascertain your practice's performance in each of the Model's modules. Based on this assessment, your PEF will work closely with you to custom design a program of evaluations, education, training and metrics that address your practice's specific needs.

Targeted Transformation - Find out more »
Targeted Transformation focuses on specific areas that need work, such as Leadership Development, Teamwork or Practice Management, and sets achievable goals in shorter timeframes than Full Transformation. Targeted Transformation is a great way to solve a specific problem in your practice, leap over a stumbling block or explore your practice's potential for a more complete transformation.

Virtual Facilitation - Find out more »
Virtual Facilitation is a very flexible format that adapts to the degree of transformation your practice needs -- from Targeted to Full -- and emphasizes telephone, email and web-based communication over site visits and face-to-face interactions. This creates accessibility for adjuncts, off-site administrators and decentralized team members. It's also economical because it minimizes costs associated with travel.

Not sure which Medical Home Facilitation method is right for your practice? Click here to tell us about your needs and goals.

Why Facilitation?

Has your practice attempted practice redesign or a quality improvement initiative only to see the project fail, get derailed or just plain run out of steam? It's a common problem. So common in fact, that the evaluators of our National Demonstration Project often used an amusing metaphor to encapsulate the difficulty: Transforming a primary care practice to a patient centered medical home is like upgrading an airplane— while the plane is flying!

TransforMED brochureAs leaders and facilitators of the recently-completed National Demonstration Project— the most comprehensive patient centered medical home research effort to date— TransforMED's staff has developed the depth of expertise and breadth of vision you need to transform your practice or medical group into a Patient-Centered Medical Home.

Medical Home Facilitation allows your practice to remain in charge of its own destiny — while still getting experienced guidance, sound advice, and access to strategic assessment tools and resources.

TransforMED acts as a trusted, neutral party to provide practice management and decision-making facilitation, support and motivation.

Our consultants work with your team to help provide structure, keep the practice on track and create accountability.



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