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Practice Assessments

Evaluating your practice's performance and assessing where your practice stands in areas such as practice management, care coordination and care management is of the utmost importance when transforming to a patient centered medical home. Identifying opportunities for operational and functional improvement, assessing where a practice stands when it comes to implementing change and understanding how well a practice is meeting the needs of its patients can help a practice transform more quickly and improve the overall patient experience.

Over the years, TransforMED has listened to practice’s needs and has created the following assessments to aid in the transformation to a medical home.

Baseline Practice Assessment– A great place to start. TransforMED will provide your practice with a report that includes Areas of Strength, Opportunities for Growth and Points for Consideration based on analysis of assessment results, on-site visit observations, interviews, phone conversations and e-mail communication with key staff. Learn more »

Change Readiness Survey (CRS) – The ability to implement, manage and sustain change is a critical part of the medical home transformation process. The CRS gathers information from the entire practice - Staff and Leadership -- and is a necessary element for effective change management and team building. Learn more »

Patient Experience Assessment Tool (PEAT) – Patient Experience is the core of a practice's transformation to a patient-centered medical home. The PEAT is a short, easily administered questionnaire that provides practices with information and insight on their patients' view of the services that they provide. Learn more »

Financial Assessment Revenue Opportunity Tool – Identifying deficiencies and opportunities for operational and functional improvement are key first steps to becoming a patient-centered high performing practice. The financial assessment provides a detailed assessment of revenue cycle management functions to identify these deficiencies and opportunities within a practice.  Learn more »

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