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Partners and Projects

TransforMED partners with all kinds of organizations, businesses, associations, medical practices, medical groups, hospitals, and government entities to transform the delivery of health care to a patient-centric model that strengthens the patient-provider relationship, emphasizes wellness and prevention, improves health outcomes for patients, increases revenue and work/life satisfaction for medical teams, reduces medical errors and omissions, and integrates care management and care coordination into the practice of primary care.

Our strategic transformation services are bringing exciting innovations, improved care and increased profitability to medical practices and residency programs across the nation. Taken together, these practice transformation projects touch the lives of tens of thousands of Americans.

We perform outreach to the tens of thousands of small family medicine practices in the nation and we support demonstration projects with learning collaboratives, resources, and other educational activities.

Are you interested in transforming health care? Could your project benefit from TransforMED's commitment and expertise? We'd like to hear from you! Click here to contact Us.



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