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AAFP Chapter Spotlight:
Wisconsin PCMH Video

This Web video on the Wisconsin Academy of Family Physicians' Web site presents the experiences of two different patients — one who has a medical home and one who does not. The differences are dramatic and persuasive: the Patient-Centered Medical Home can lower the cost of healthcare and offer a healthier outcome for all patients. Visit the WAFP site to view the video »


TransforMED Workingpaper: Improving the Patient's Experience
The best way to find out what your patients think about the care they receive at your practice is to ask. This workingpaper provides tips on how your practice can perform useful patient satisfaction surveys.

TransforMED Workingpaper: Reducing Patient Cycle Time
Patient cycle time is the amount of time in minutes that a patient spends in an office visit, beginning at the time of arrival and ending when the patient leaves the office. Here are some quick tips for achieving a 30 minutes patient cycle time in your practice.

TransforMED Workingpaper: Touch Time Tips
Patient "touch time" is defined as the actual time the provider spends with the patient. This one-page workingpaper provides tips on making the most effective use of your touch time.


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Emmi Solutions and TransforMED partnered to create this web-based patient education tool designed to play an integral role in the transformation of primary care practices to Patient-Centered Medical Homes. The result is an engaging and education multimedia experience that helps patients understand the Patient-Centered Medical Home and their important role in the collaborative health and wellness relationship with their primary care practice. Put this exciting patient education tool on your website for FREE by clicking the "Download it" button, above.


» The Patient-Centered Primary Care Collaborative
"The Patient-Centered Primary Care Collaborative is a coalition of major employers, consumer groups, and other stakeholders who have joined with organizations representing primary care physicians to develop and advance the patient centered medical home."

This interactive, video-oriented online learning resource for healthcare communication is published by the American Academy on Communication in Healthcare (AACH) and the Drexel University College of Medicine DUCoM. "Each of 40 learning modules presents key principles, evidence-based recommendations, and a skills checklist. Authors demonstrate key skills in video encounters with standardized patients and provide video and text commentary on the interview. The interview challenges help learners develop sensitivity to differing communication styles and difficult situations, and the flexibility to respond respectfully and skillfully."

» Patient-Centered Care: What Does It Take?
"Based on interviews with leaders of patient-centered organizations and initiatives, this report identifies seven key factors for achieving patient-centered care at the organization level..." From The Commonwealth Fund.

» IHI's Patient- and Family-Centered Care Organizational Self-Assessment Tool
Practices and organizations can use this MS Word checklist to assess their current implementation of patient- and family-centered care.

» Technology for patient-centered, collaborative care
A special issue of the Journal of Ambulatory Care Management focused on patient-centered, collaborative care, edited by John H. Wasson, MD, and L. Gordon Moore, MD.

» FPM Toolbox
Useful, practical tools from AAFP's Family Practice Management.
• Patient-physician partnership agreement (PDF)
• Patient welcome (MS Word)
• Today's visit checklist (MS Word)
• Visit Summary (PDF)

» Technology for patient-centered, collaborative care
A special issue of the Journal of Ambulatory Care Management focused on patient-centered, collaborative care edited by John H. Wasson, MD, and L. Gordon Moore, MD.

» Patients's views of the good doctor.
Coulter A. BMJ. 2002;325:668–669

» Patient perspectives on the doctor of the future.
Main DS, Tressler C, Staudenmaier A, Nearing KA, Westfall JM, Silverstein M. Fam Med. 2002;34:251–257


These measures can be requested in PDF format from the Centre for Studies in Family Medicine Web site at the links shown.

Assessing Communication Between Patients and Doctors: A Manual for Scoring Patient-centered Communication
Judith Belle Brown, Ph. D., Moira Stewart, Ph. D., Suzan Tessier, M. A. - August, 1995, Centre for Studies in Family Medicine

The Patient Perception of Patient-centeredness Questionnaire (PPPC)
M. Stewart, L. Meredith, B. L. Ryan, J. B. Brown - 2004, Centre for Studies in Family Medicine


Patient-centered medicine: transforming the clinical method. Second edition
Moira Stewart, Judith Belle Brown, W.Wayne Weston, Ian R McWhinney, Carol L McWilliam and Thomas R Freeman

Emphasizing a whole person philosophy, this volume is a thoughtful, comprehensive and recently updated overview of the patient-centered model of medicine. The book examines and evaluates qualitative and quantitative research on the patient-centered clinical method, including reviews and recent studies.

Challenges and Solutions in Patient-Centered Care: A case book
Edited by Judith Belle Brown, Moira Stewart and W Wayne Weston

This bookpresents case studies, drawn from actual experineces, that illustrate the problems and creative solutions encountered in primary care patient-doctor interactions. Topics include palliative care, abuse, dying patients, ethical challenges and self-awareness.

Putting Patients First: Designing and Practicing Patient-Centered Care
by Susan Frampton (Editor), Laura Gilpin (Editor), Patrick Charmel (Editor)

This important volume approaches patient-centered care from the perspective of the unique Planetree modell, using case examples drawn from hospitals and health care organizations that have successfully implemented the Planetree model. The authors of Putting Patients First are principals at the Planetree Institute.


Do you need experienced, effective help to become a Patient-Centered Medical Home?

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