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medical practice strategy and performance

Planning for Performance

Translate your practice's medical home goals into performance expectations for the staff. The annual review of your performance plan is an ideal time to discuss development opportunities with your staff members. Read this PDF workingpaper »

The Key to Implementing Change in Your Practice

Struggling with change is not unique to medical practice; it's a challenge most organizations face when trying to alter entrenched patterns or processes. It's estimated that somewhere between 50 percent to 80 percent of change initiatives in Fortune 1,000 companies fail. Why? Read this PDF workingpaper »

Mission Possible

Crafting a durable, meaningful mission statement is the first step in your practice's strategic planning process. TransforMED Executive Director Marly McMillen explores what it takes to set the vision for your practice in this TransforMED workingpaper. Click here to download the PDF »

conflict resolution

6-Step Method for Creative Resolution of Conflicts

Learn this simple and effective six-step process for resolving team conflicts by engaging both the heart and the mind. Click here to download the PDF

medicla practice financial health

The Practice Is Bleeding Internally

Is your practice hemorrhaging red ink? Make sure you're taking the proper preventative steps to insure your practice maintains its financial health. Click here to download the PDF

medical practice metrics and measurement

Use Metrics to Improve Your Practice

TransforMED's Metrics Manager has assembled these practical tips to help you use metrics to improve your practice.
• Quick Tips for Reducing Patient Cycle Times
• Touch Time
• Improving the Patient's Experience

medical practice leadership excellence

Leadership Excellence

Strong and effective leadership is a skill that almost anyone can
put into practice by learning the five, basic core competencies of physician leadership. Click here to download the PDF

medical office leadership attitude

Office Leaders Dictate Office Attitude

Have you ever wondered to yourself, "What happened today that made the office run so well?" or "Today was such a light day, why did everything seem to go wrong?" Often times, you need look no further than the mirror!. Click here to download the PDF

PBRN - Practice-Based Research Network

Practice-Based Research:
A Vital Part of the Transformation of Family Medicine

Participation in a practice based research network allows family medicine physicians to play a vital role in both the development and integration of evidence-based medicine— expanding the possibilities for improvement beyond the indvidual practice. Click here to download the PDF

medical office redesigns maximize space

Quick Ways to Maximize Your Office Space

Most medical practices must adapt their needs to a generic office footprint— a space is rarely optimized for the delivery of primary care. Learn 3 quick and affordable office optimization tips that have been successful for TransforMED practices. Originially published in the September 20007 edition of Family Practice Management. Click here to download the PDF

change readiness

Assessing Change Readiness:
Is Your Practice Ready for Change?

Initial results of the NDP indicate medical practices that first take active steps to prepare practice workgroups and processes to manage the change itself see the most improvement and are better able to sustain the changes. Find out if your leadership and your team are ready to begin your transformation. Click here to download the PDF

huddles - short, quick, focused medical office meetings

Increased Efficiency in Mere Minutes a Day

The most natural response to a busy schedule is to start seeing patients. However, jumping right into the day can result in a string of surprises, all of which contribute to bottlenecks, interruptions, and misunderstandings later on. Huddles – daily, short, focused meetings – are the fast and easy-to-implement solution for busy practices to increase efficiency and enhance teamwork.... Click here to download the PDF

managing a medical office during practice improvement

Techniques for Managing an Efficient Office in the Midst of Change

Being an office administrator is tough work, and not for the faint of heart. This article will give you some thoughts on gaining breathing room to make changes while keeping your employees and physicians running at full speed. Click here to download the PDF

effective meetings for medical practices

Effective Meetings

Staff meetings, planning meetings, problem solving meetings. Organizing and overseeing effective meetings is a must-have in everyone's tool kit. Effective meetings are crucial to decision-making, communication, and management— all necessary components of a transformed practice... Click here to download the PDF

tips for successful chnage management in medical practices

8 Tips for Successful Change Management

Habitual patterns narrow ideas about what is possible while breaks in routine allow new questions and new perceptions to emerge. Interrupting the routine can be both an exhilarating and uncomfortable process... Click here to download the one-page PDF

Quality Medical Charts:
The Importance of Proper Medical Record Documentation

The primary functions of a medical practice's patient record are to plan for patient care and provide for continuity in information about a patient's medical treatment and provide high quality care. But quality medical charting can also minimize or prevent the potential adverse consequences of malpractice litigation. Read Nurse Nancy Stimpfel's practical advice on improving your practice's documentation. Click here to download the PDF


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